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Review: The Haligonian - The Escaporium, Halifax

Room Story - from The Escaporium Enter the newly discovered private Halifax museum of Mr. P. Saul and find out what he has been the guardian of all this time! Key Stats Room Name The Haligonian Venue The Escaporium Location Halifax, UK Date 22/07/2018 Escape Time 53:17 Team Size 3 My Recommended Team Size 3 - 6 Review We played Operation Moonshine at The Escaporium a short time ago. We really enjoyed that game so knew we had to go back and play their other game soon. The Haligonian is located in a different building just across the road from Operation Moonshine in the historic Piece Hall. On the day we visited, there was a food festival (Chow Down) taking place in the centre of The Piece Hall with lots of different food and drink on offer. This is taking place on different weekends throughout the summer so it’s a great day out for food and escape room fans. The Haligonian (which means somebody who comes from Halifax) is a game

Review: Corruption - Lucardo, Rawtenstall

Room Story - from Lucardo You are a bunch of cops working on an operation to bust a notorious criminal gang known for car theft, robbery, kidnap and murder. Police headquarters have been tipped off about a hideout and will conduct a raid in 60 minutes’ time. The only problem? You’ve been corrupted and are working with the gang. You’ll need to sabotage the hideout, dispose of incriminating evidence and plant clues to lead your colleagues in another direction. Can you stay one step ahead of the law and escape without a prison sentence? Key Stats Room Name Corruption Venue Lucardo Location Rawtenstall, UK Date 09/07/2018 Escape Time 51:37 Team Size 3 My Recommended Team Size 3 - 5 Review Last time we visited Lucardo Rawtenstall, they told us a little bit about their new game that was opening soon and it sounded really interesting and different. So shortly after it opened, we went along to give it a go! The storyline of Corruption is cen

Review: Espionage - Lucardo, Manchester

Room Story - from Lucardo The year is 1938, just prior to the outbreak of WWII. You and your team are part of the newly founded British Secret Intelligence Service. The War Office has had a number of classified documents stolen, which are thought to be held in a secret enemy bunker. Intelligence tells us the guards change every hour. Your Mission: crack the bunker security codes and recover the documents before the guards change. Key Stats Room Name Espionage Venue Lucardo Location Manchester, UK Date 04/07/2018 Escape Time 43:44 Team Size 5 My Recommended Team Size 2 - 6 Review I was without my usual team for an evening as I’d organised an escape room evening for myself and 9 colleagues from work. One team took on University of Magic and my team took on Espionage at Lucardo in Manchester. We had a team of 5 with a mix of people who’d played a few games before and some who’d played none at all before. We received a good briefing from o

Review: Edith - Unescapable, Derby

Room Story - from Unescapable When we first open a time portal we send one of our scientists back to make sure everything is ok and it is all safe and stable - we sent Edith, but unfortunately she hasn’t returned… We’ve now lost communication with her, but we do know that she was trying to shut the portal down when something stopped her. We need your team to finish the job - we would go ourselves but we’re too scared. Key Stats Room Name Edith Venue Unescapable Location Derby, UK Date 30/06/2018 Escape Time 53:49 Team Size 3 My Recommended Team Size 4 - 6 Review We’d seen extremely good things about Edith and booked the room in full knowledge that it was a scary room. As the time drew nearer, we grew more and more nervous about what to expect. And when Unescapable won an award for the scariest escape room in the country, we wondered what we’d let ourselves in for. At Unescapable, the theming and immersion starts from when you enter the

Review: Smite Sherlock - Rush to Escape, Las Vegas

Room Story - from Rush to Escape The only woman to have gotten the best of him. Maybe he let her, only he knows. Irene Adler, Adventurer, Criminal, Friend/ Nemesis of Sherlock, she has once again gotten the best of him. There is a letter addressed to him, that she made off with. What is on it, no one knows for sure, but Sherlock is sure she took it. show more.... He is meeting her for dinner at The Newman's Pie Room on Abby Mew and he should be able to distract her for just 60 minutes. Our friend, the Great Sherlock Holmes, has asked for you to go the house of Irene Adler, and find this stolen letter. Be warned, she is unlike any woman you have seen before, and I am sure she has some tricks up her sleeve. The Game is Afoot! less Key Stats Room Name Smite Sherlock Venue Rush to Escape Location Las Vegas, NV, USA Date 12/06/2018 Escape Time 46:00 Team Size 2 My Recommended Team Size 2 - 4 Review