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Review: The Crystal Maze, Manchester

Room Story - from The Crystal Maze Do you have what it takes to crack The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience? It’s the oh-so-popular 90s TV show brought to genuinely immersive, 3D life. More importantly, it’s a brilliant excuse to run around wildly, shout yourselves hoarse, solve all sorts of problems and challenges and, best of all, celebrate in some wacky satin bomber jackets. All this, with your friends – who could ask for anything more? Key Stats Room Name The Crystal Maze Venue The Crystal Maze Location Manchester, UK Date 24/04/2019 Escape Time N/A Team Size 7 My Recommended Team Size 6 - 8 Review Okay, so the Crystal Maze isn’t technically an escape room. But, it’s heavily centred on puzzling things, solving things and working together as a team – so there’s enough parallels between the two to justify a review here. I also think that anybody who loves escape rooms, is also likely to love the Crystal Maze. This could really be one of the shortest reviews I’v

Review: The Signal - Make Your Escape, Derby

Room Story - from Make Your Escape Following reports of strange lights in the skies over Derbyshire, your team intercepts a distress signal, which leads you to an abandoned military bunker. Once the door closes behind you, you quickly realise the signal was not all that it seemed, the bunker was not abandoned and you are not alone. Work together as a team to solve the puzzles and escape. The truth is in there… Key Stats Room Name The Signal Venue Make Your Escape Location Derby, UK Date 24/03/2019 Escape Time 56:07 Team Size 3 My Recommended Team Size 2 - 5 Review The Signal was our 6th and final game of our escape room weekend away in the East Midlands. It’s the most condensed period of escape room gaming we’ve ever played as a team – and that really started to show. Our performance wasn’t our finest. There are also some games that really click with you – let's call it “the bond”. When you have “the bond” everything makes sense, you’re confident in