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Review: Edith - Unescapable, Derby

Room Story - from Unescapable

When we first open a time portal we send one of our scientists back to make sure everything is ok and it is all safe and stable - we sent Edith, but unfortunately she hasn’t returned… We’ve now lost communication with her, but we do know that she was trying to shut the portal down when something stopped her. We need your team to finish the job - we would go ourselves but we’re too scared.

Key Stats

Room NameEdith
LocationDerby, UK
Escape Time53:49
Team Size3
My Recommended Team Size4 - 6


We’d seen extremely good things about Edith and booked the room in full knowledge that it was a scary room. As the time drew nearer, we grew more and more nervous about what to expect. And when Unescapable won an award for the scariest escape room in the country, we wondered what we’d let ourselves in for.

At Unescapable, the theming and immersion starts from when you enter the door with people in lab coats greeting you and explaining the scientific work they do in the building. When you enter the reception area, there’s a huge time machine in the middle of the room with wires snaking off to the different rooms. Just from these initial impressions and attention to detail outside the room, we knew this was going to be a great game.

We were taken to our room and told the story of Edith who’d been sent back in time through a portal and had not returned. It was an amusing intro where we were fully briefed on the perils of time travel before heading through the portal back in time to a Victorian Dressmaker’s workshop armed only with a walkie talkie to keep in touch with the future. It’s worth noting that the “portal” involves a period of crawling to reach the past.

Upon entering the room, we found ourself in an eerie setting with mannequins, creepy pictures on the wall, old furniture, etc. – picture your typical film depiction of a haunted house and you won’t be far off what we saw before us. It took some strength to start exploring, but we started to scour the room for clues. There were a couple of skill based puzzles that we initially focused on, extremely aware that our backs were turned to the room.

We completed a series of puzzles in the room that provided us with more information about Edith and her story, slowly building our own tension and fear. As we went about our business of discovery, we heard knocks and creeks from a corner of the room that we tried to stay away from. I did have to (unwillingly and after much discussion) venture into the corner as part of one puzzle and it confirmed the sounds weren’t our imagination. Something was coming.

What happened next is difficult to describe without spoilers. All I’ll say is that our actions in the first area allowed us to proceed further into the room. After a few minutes of arguing about who would go first, we only lasted seconds before shouting and violently jumping into each other and bundling ourselves back into the first area of the room. We didn’t like what we were confronted with and knew we were in for a very scary game.

After mustering the strength to return, we ventured onwards again, choosing between lit and dark paths to explore. We chose the light but it didn’t stay light for long as we continued to explore, singing songs to comfort us. We found ourselves in a room that was obscured – we couldn’t see every part of the room and didn’t know what might be hiding in there. We carefully revealed portions of the room and thankfully, we found nothing there. We found a corner and rested for a while, safe in the knowledge nobody could touch us. Until my leg was grabbed...

We explored further and soon came to the horrible revalation that we’d need to separate to solve one of the puzzles. As a team of three, somebody was going to get the short straw and end up alone. After much discussion, I reluctantly volunteered and set off in the dark alone. Whether I’d see my team mates again, I was very unsure. I did surprisingly well to move my way around the room alone, but a series of things take place in the room that further add to the isolation and separation of the team. We did reach a point where we were all together again, but not without a few unwanted interactions with the creature dwelling in the room. There was an unfortunate incident where the creature crept up on one my team mates and was accidentally punched – profuse apologies were issued.

It took us a long while because of the many times we spent frozen or hidden or shouting or running, but we eventually reached the final sequence of the game that all started with a rather amusing sequence. We then had to disconnect the time machine, heading (reluctantly) back around every part of the room to complete our mission. We rushed back to the portal, crawled to safety and collapsed on the floor in pure relief that we’d escaped. The room was extremely hot as we visited in the middle of a heatwave, so cooler air was also an immense relief.

If you like scary rooms, Edith is an absolutely must do room. The theming, attention to detail and the way the story unravels is all extremely well executed, adding to the scares you find within the room. This game isn’t about complex sequences of puzzles, there are some puzzles of course, but the primary focus is on experience and storytelling. And what a terrifying experience it is.

The team were Chris, Craig and Daniel.


Overall Truly the most terrifying experience I’ve ever had. It’s an atmospheric and (unfortunately for your nerves) truly immersive game. You’ll struggle to find one scarier. It’s also got some real moments of humour that really lighten the mood.
Difficulty In terms of puzzles, it’s not too difficult. In terms of finding the emotional strength to move your body around the room, it’s very difficult at times!
Fun Despite spending the majority of the game shouting, screaming, jumping, running, sweating, hiding, etc. – it was great fun!
Puzzles Scary rooms are never about the puzzles – if they put something too complicated or long in the room, they know you’ll never escape because you spend 75% of your time being scared. But there were some nice puzzles in Edith.
Immersion It’s a really well themed room, with lots of good props to bring your living nightmare to full immersive quality.
Surprises Surprises are all you get in this game. And depending on your disposition, these may not always be the good kind.