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Review: Elf Training Academy "Christmas Confusion" - Wirral Escape Rooms, Wallsey

Room Story - from Wirral Escape Rooms Santa has selected you and your fellow elves to take the prestigious "Christmas Confusion" examination. Set in the "Living Room 1.0 simulation" - you have 1 hour to complete the puzzles, find the presents and pass your examination, what grade will you get?! Key Stats Room Name Elf Training Academy - "Christmas Confusion" Venue Wirral Escape Rooms Location Wallasey, UK Date 17/11/2018 Escape Time 46:00 Team Size 3 My Recommended Team Size 3 - 4 Review We had a day of Christmas shopping at Cheshire Oaks before heading for an evening of escaping fun at Wirral Escape Rooms. We’d heard lots of good things about Curse of the Golden Lion, and when we found out they had also opened a Christmas game it was too tempting not to go there. When we arrived, we talked all things escape rooms with Amy whilst we could hear Christmas music coming from the door beside us. Our missi

Review: Vault 17 - Time Race, Bury

Room Story - from Time Race Escape the nuclear fallout shelter, before the power fails forever. Key Stats Room Name Vault 17 Venue Time Race Location Bury, UK Date 04/11/2018 Escape Time 49:05 Team Size 3 My Recommended Team Size 3 - 5 Review We’ve always given Vault 17 a miss as we’d heard many reviews about the room being impossible to escape from. Many reviewers commented on the red herrings and deliberately misleading puzzles that unfairly prevented the most seasoned escapees from escaping. However, Time Race is now under new ownership and the new owners have reworked the game. We obviously can’t fully compare our experience to the original game as we never played it, but based on what I’ve read the game seems to have changed significantly. It’s a fun, excellently themed and really immersive experience that we’d definitely recommend. The premise of Vault 17 is quite simple. You’ve been living safely underground in a nuclear

Review: Ultimate Challenge: Boot Camp - Crackit, Bolton

Room Story - from Crackit Bolton The world needs you! People are relying on your team to save them! Classified weapons document has been stolen from your military facility. In the wrong hands, it can bring about doomsday. Fortunately, your agency has discovered the secret hideout of the thieves. You and your team members need to break into the facility and retrieve the information before it is too late. The facility is secured, but there are vulnerabilities. You and your team need to figure those vulnerabilities out and find clues to determine where the document is hidden. The thieves are smart; they’ve locked the document in a vault. You and your team will need to crack open the vault to retrieve the document. That is the Crunch -- the final challenge! Do you have what it takes to beat the Boot Camp? Successfully crack five challenges and the world will be a safe place once again.. Can you and your team shoulder this great responsibility and save mankind. Key Sta