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Review: Gem Runner - Lucardo, Rawtenstall

Room Story - from Lucardo The famous 190 carat Saratov diamond from Russia is being deposited at the central bank in Rawtenstall. Lucardo has hacked the security system, buying your team a one hour window to steal the diamond. Can your team pull off Rawtenstalls biggest ever heist? *note this game is similar to Gem Runner at Manchester. Key Stats Room Name Gem Runner Venue Lucardo Location Rawtenstall, UK Date 03/06/2018 Escape Time 46:50 Team Size 3 My Recommended Team Size 3 - 5 Review We’ve wanted to visit Lucardo in Manchester for quite some time but we’ve never quite got around to it, however, when we saw a branch was opening about 20 minutes from us in Rawtenstall we knew we’d need to give our closest escape game a try. We always have a mental list of the next games we want to play and decided we’d visit Lucardo Rawtenstall at some point in the future – however, the short distance was too tempting and we ended up going on their fir

Review: Operation Moonshine - The Escaporium, Halifax

Room Story - from The Escaporium It’s the tail end of the Prohibition era in Chicago and Al Capone has a stranglehold on all the Bootleg liquor in the city. As the newest members of Bugsy’s gang, Da’ Boss needs you to prove yourself and steal something right from under Scarface’s nose! Don’t let him down, or you’ll be sleeping with the fishes! Key Stats Room Name Operation Moonshine Venue The Escaporium Location Halifax, UK Date 27/05/2018 Escape Time 55:32 Team Size 3 My Recommended Team Size 3 - 5 Review This was our first visit to The Escaporium. At the time of writing, they have two rooms split across two sites. One room, The Haligonian is based in the historic Piece Hall and the game we played is situated in a former mill building. They’ve done a great job renovating and have a really modern and welcoming reception area. We were speaking to one of the owners whilst waiting for our room and found out that they have lots o

Review: The 13th Element - Escape Quest, Macclesfield

Room Story - from Escape Quest The S.S.B (Special Scientific Branch) work undercover for the government and have been called in to help. Setting up a covert operation to watch and track a selected number of scientists they have now located an area of suspicious activity, an old mill building on the edge of town where these scientists were seen to go in but never came out. show more.... We sent in a team of our best undercover agents and managed to get a little information about what’s going on inside. It seems that the person responsible for these disappearances is a man known only as Dr Argon. After taking the scientists prisoner he is forcing them to attempt to harness the power of 12 rare elements, combining these will activate and power the rarest element of all - The 13th Element, this is the element of immortality and its power can only be used by one person. Your task as agents working for the S.S.B is to enter the building, infiltrate the lab and work together to

Review: Mr Chuckles Funhouse - Escape Quest, Macclesfield

Room Story - from Escape Quest Would you like to play a game? Mr Chuckles has got one that he's made especially for you! It's no ordinary game, Mr Chuckles doesn't like ordinary games, his are designed to trick, test, challenge and divide you. Once you enter his creepy funhouse you must work as a team to outsmart Mr Chuckles’ tricky puzzles. However teamwork will only take you so far in the game before it’s every player for themselves! show more.... You each need one ticket to escape, so if you find one hold on to it tight or get out quick stopping the clock and sabotaging your team mates chances of finding their own ticket, the choice is yours. Will you help the other players find their tickets as the last remaining minutes count down? The time ends as soon as the first golden ticket holder exits the game, so you need to decide what’s more important - A fast time or for every member of your team to win the game? For teams unlucky enough to still be inside wit