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Review: Smite Sherlock - Rush to Escape, Las Vegas

Room Story - from Rush to Escape

The only woman to have gotten the best of him. Maybe he let her, only he knows.

Irene Adler, Adventurer, Criminal, Friend/ Nemesis of Sherlock, she has once again gotten the best of him. There is a letter addressed to him, that she made off with. What is on it, no one knows for sure, but Sherlock is sure she took it.

show more.... He is meeting her for dinner at The Newman's Pie Room on Abby Mew and he should be able to distract her for just 60 minutes.

Our friend, the Great Sherlock Holmes, has asked for you to go the house of Irene Adler, and find this stolen letter. Be warned, she is unlike any woman you have seen before, and I am sure she has some tricks up her sleeve.

The Game is Afoot! less

Key Stats

Room NameSmite Sherlock
VenueRush to Escape
LocationLas Vegas, NV, USA
Escape Time46:00
Team Size2
My Recommended Team Size2 - 4


We went on holiday to Las Vegas for a week and when looking at the things we could do, it only seemed right that we squeeze in an escape room whilst there. I couldn’t find many reviews of the Las Vegas companies I’d found so I reached out to a US based blogger (Room Escape Artist) for some advice. They were happy to help and passed on the name of a couple of companies that other US bloggers tend to recommend. We decided to play Smite Sherlock at Rush To Escape located about 15 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip in a taxi.

We arrived a little bit early and after our host had finished resetting the room, we were given our briefing and were on our way. Our mission was to find an important letter, so we set about exploring the room. The room we entered was very simply furnished with a fireplace and a few bits of furniture, but it was nicely done and reflected the setting well.

As it was a fairly simply furnished room, it took us a while to realise what we needed to do as we started collecting random items from around the room. After we’d found everything we needed, there were a few paper based puzzles we needed to solve and we clustered around the fireplace trying to figure things out. We weren’t at our best, and with a clue delivered over the loudspeaker in the room, we realised what we needed to do. We then spent a significant period of time trying to solve something in our heads, not realising we could write on a clue sheet provided. Another clue later to prompt us to use the pen and we were flying... not our finest moment at all!

We worried that the room was going to be static and paper based throughout, but after solving those puzzles there was a really great sequence of puzzles to access other parts of the room with some surprises along the way. At this point we were in the zone and started to fly through the puzzles. A word of caution, anybody unfamiliar with the game of chess may struggle with some of the puzzles in this room as they require knowledge and identification of the different pieces in the game. Although this could be solved with clues, it does make some of the puzzles unsolvable without pre-existing knowledge.

One thing that really impressed us in this game was the hidden parts of the room. I won’t say too much to spoil it, but throughout the game there is a surprising amount of floor space beyond the original room which gives you a really satisfying sense of exploration.

In the final sequence of the game, 2 players are required to complete the final puzzle, however, the sequence of instructions is written on a wall in another part of the room. In an escape room first, the host told us to use our phone to take a picture of the instructions. I think pen and paper here would have helped keep the immersion.

With our handy image, we completed the final puzzle and rushed for the exit, escaping the room in a respectable time.

All in all it was a good game with some nice surprises and simple but well done theming. We had really good fun and enjoyed the sense of exploration and great soundtrack throughout the game. At the end of the game, the host gave us a sneak peek of the other rooms which also looked well themed. Their Heist game sounded particularly good – I’m a sucker for any game with Nerf guns.

The team were Daniel and Becky.


Overall A simply themed but well constructed room with some fun puzzles and nice surprise elements.
Difficulty This game doesn’t have a high volume of puzzles and it’s all fairly logical, so it isn’t too difficult.
Fun We really enjoyed this game, there were some immensely satisfying moments and some fun puzzles.
Puzzles There is a heavy emphasis on code breaking in this room with a few good physical puzzles thrown in. There are some clever elements, but there’s nothing hugely unique.
Immersion It’s a very simply themed room, but it is done well. The room has some authentic looking furniture and a good soundtrack throughout.
Surprises This game held a few surprises we weren’t expecting, with lots of hidden areas you uncover throughout the game.