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Review: Safe House - Lucardo, Rawtenstall

Room Story - from Lucardo

Notorious gangster Tommy Neil is one of the most wanted criminals in the country. You have been chasing his tail without success for nearly ten years, his luck seems to be running out - his right-hand man has turned himself in to the authorities. He is currently in a safe house before being entered into witness protection. As the lead investigation team in this highly coveted case, it is your job to interview the witness and extract everything possible to finally convict Tommy. Be prepared for twists and turns in this epic game.

Key Stats

Room NameSafe HouseVenueLucardoLocationRawtenstall, UKDate01/09/2019Escape Time46:46Team Size3My Recommended Team Size2 - 4

Lucardo Rawtenstall is one of our favourite venues, so we were really excited when they announced the opening of their 4th game. Safe House is set in the same “world” as their other game, Corruption.

As always at Lucardo, there’s an interesting and theatrical start to the game as you make your way …

Review: Escape 999 - Time Race, Bury

Room Story - from Time Race

Terrorists are suspected to be behind an outbreak of a man-made virus. You and your elite team of immunologists have just 30 minutes to identify and cure the deadly pathogen before it spreads from patient zero.

The terrorists have sabotaged your ambulance, so you'll need to work twice as hard. Will you save a life before you arrive at the hospital?

Key Stats

Room NameEscape 999VenueTime RaceLocationBury, UKDate01/09/2019Escape Time25:14Team Size3My Recommended Team Size2 - 3

Escape 999 is a 30 minute game set in an old decommissioned ambulance. There were three firsts when we played this game. It was our first vehicle based game. It was our first 30 minute game. And it was the first time we’d set a record for a game (it’s a very new game so once other enthusiasts play I’m sure we’ll be quickly eclipsed!).

It’s very hard to compare a 30 minute experience in a limited space to some of the epically themed adventures we’ve played with sprawling amou…