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Review: Carfax - Cave Escape, Nottingham

Room Story - from Cave Escape

Journey across oceans of time as you descend into Victorian England, fearfully held under the cold grasp of something dark... evil... Undead.

Key Stats

Room NameCarfaxVenueCave EscapeLocationNottingham, UKDate23/03/2019Escape Time44:49Team Size3My Recommended Team Size2 - 4

It feels like Carfax is one of those games that everybody is talking about. Whenever we’ve visited any escape room recently, I swear that most of them have mentioned this game and how good it is. That’s why we had to go and play. This game was the 2nd of 6 games on our East Midlands escape room weekend.

Cave Escape has a very gothic looking entrance at the bottom of a main road that makes its way out of Nottingham city centre. The window is full of interesting trinkets, and that theme continues as you enter the reception area that’s filled with all sorts of objects and antique looking things. It feels like you’re taking a step back in time.

When we were ready, we were taken down…
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Review: The Enchanted Forest - Break Escape, Loughborough

Room Story - from Break Escape

A portal has been discovered that leads through to another world. The realm is under the control of a dark enchantress, and the forest sleeps. Can you wake it, and find a rare blue gem before the enchantress and make your escape?!

Key Stats

Room NameThe Enchanted ForestVenueBreak EscapeLocationLoughborough,UKDate23/03/2019Escape Time49:52Team Size3My Recommended Team Size2 - 5

We had a weekend trip to the East Midlands to take on 6 escape rooms. This was the first game of our trip to get our brains warmed up. Break Escape is situated in Loughborough town centre next to a cinema and restaurant complex. It’s easy to find with cheap parking nearby.

We received the standard health and safety briefing and introduction to the room story. One interesting element in this game is that there are a number of side quests that allow you to get crystals that deduct time from your game. The main goal of the game, however, is to find a rare blue gem.

After the b…

Review: Afterlife - X-it Games, Shipley

Room Story - from X-it Games

As a mortal, to enter your afterlife, you must first die. How you die is your choice but all must enter through the void of transcendence. Only the brave will follow the light, crawl out of the grave and go to hell and back. Logical thinking and teamwork is what you need to ensure that when your hour is up your name is found in the Book of life. Will you escape and be granted your life back, or will you be left to wander the afterlife for eternity? WILL YOU BEAT DEATH HIMSELF? YOU HAVE 60 MINUTES.

Key Stats

Room NameAfterlifeVenueX-itLocationShipley, UKDate10/03/2019Escape Time54:09Team Size3My Recommended Team Size3 - 4

The theme of Afterlife is what initially drew me to book this game – you need to complete a series of puzzles set out by Death himself in order to save your life. At the time of writing, Afterlife is the only game at X-it. X-it is a very new feeling venue with a nice modern waiting area with lots of interesting escape room board g…

50th game milestone: My highlights

I played my first escape room, Contraption, at Escapologic in Nottingham on the 5th November 2016. I got the bug straightaway and wanted to do more and more games. Fast forward 28 months to 17th February 2019, where I reached my 50th game playing the excellent Crux Codicillus at The Escaporium in Halifax.

I've ranked every single one of the games I've played and as I've done more, the task has become more and more difficult comparing very different games with very different strengths and weaknesses. It's also hard because I've enjoyed nearly every game I've played!

So as I've hit my first major milestone, I want to have a look back and talk about some of the rooms I've enjoyed and why. To do that, I've decided to create a number of categories with a "winner" and an "honourable mention". In all honesty, many of these games would quite easily fit in multiple categories, but I've tried to choose the main reason that I rate them…

Review: Crux Codicillus - The Escaporium, Halifax

Room Story - from The Escaporium

The King of the Illuminati has been murdered! Solve the case or it is curtains for us all!

Key Stats

Room NameCrux CodicillusVenueThe EscaporiumLocationHalifax, UKDate17/02/2019Escape Time54:07Team Size3My Recommended Team Size3 - 5

We’ve played both of The Escaporium’s other games and really loved them. We’ve wanted to go and play Crux Codicillus for quite some time and one quiet Sunday afternoon we decided to make an impromptu last minute booking. Given our love for their other games, we went with very high expectations…

As always, the game started with an outline of the story. At a meeting of the Illuminati, the leader Plato has been murdered. We (also members of the Illuminati) were given the task to investigate his murder and find the murder weapon, the murderer and country they’re from. Lots to do for a Sunday afternoon!

This game has one of the more unusual starts. Enrobed in our Illuminati garb, we each took a seat around the polished da…