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Review: Dystopia and Utopia - Make Your Escape, Derby

Introduction This is the first time I’ve written a combined review for two rooms. That’s because it’s the first time I’ve ever played two separate rooms that are set in the same ‘world’ and can be played back-to-back without a break. We played the dark and dreary Dystopia first before heading into the shining white and bright Utopia. So, I’m writing the reviews in that order. Click here to skip down to the review of Utopia. Dystopia Room Story - from Make Your Escape Beyond the great dome of Utopia lies a desolate wasteland. Disease has ravaged the population, resources are scarce and, for those still managing to survive, life is hard. Yet, long condemned to the darkness, the Dystopians have become resilient and determined. No longer will they accept their fate quietly and no longer will the advancements of Utopia benefit only the few. Besides, they've made some advancements of their own and Utopia might just need them more than they realise. Key Stats Roo

Review: Tommy - Unescapable, Derby

Room Story - from Unescapable We need to test that this portal works properly, we’re pretty sure that it does but we just need to be certain! From what we can gather Tommy has landed somewhere in the midst of the Western Front in 1917. There is a very significant chance/the slight possibility that the portal could break when you go through (but it probably won’t don’t worry) If it does though, don’t panic, your team are just going to have to fix the time portal before the bridge collapses and you’re trapped in the past forever. Key Stats Room Name Tommy Venue Unescapable Location Derby, UK Date 23/03/2019 Escape Time 35:00 Team Size 3 My Recommended Team Size 2 - 4 Review The last time I visited Unescapable, I played the terrifying game Edith. Edith is an experience that combined time travel with horror and good puzzles. Not to mention a terrifying creature that pursued you around the room leaving you in perpetual fear. Aside from being constantly scared, I reall