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Review: Dark Magic - Breakout, Chester

Room Story - from Breakout Chester

You and Your Fellow wizard’s have discovered a secret passage into a room long forgotten by time. You edge slowly inside, and your blood runs cold. You feel the presence of an ancient Dark Magic! Your Wizarding skills will be put to the test, as you prepare to subdue this ancient power…

Key Stats

Room NameDark Magic
LocationChester, UK
Escape Time38:29
Team Size3
My Recommended Team Size3 - 4


Breakout Chester was kind enough to invite us along to play another one of their rooms. We’ve previously visited before and played their Identify room which we enjoyed and narrowly escaped from. I really do like this location, it’s on one of the main Chester high streets accessible from the first floor of one of the historic Chester Rows.

The basic premise of the game is that you’ve discovered a secret room belonging to a powerful wizard in which you must subdue the dark magic inside. The game has a hidden entrance, which nicely links to the storyline and adds a sense of realism before you enter the room.

Once inside, you find yourself in a reasonable sized space themed as a wizard’s office. It’s a very well themed room with lots of bookshelves, antique looking props and portraits. It definitely looks and feels the part.

As we began to explore, puzzles revealed themselves to us. The first one we solved was a great one to set the tone for the game. As we performed a physical action, something happened elsewhere in the room. There are lots of interactions like this in the game where something you do triggers something else, helping to give it a realistic feeling of magic.

We solved a few puzzles and got stuck for a little while as our searching (as usual) let us down. After a quick clue delivered via the screen in the room we were back on track.

From then on, we carried on with no assistance and entered a steady flow of puzzle solving. All the puzzles in the room feel logical and well put together. There’s nothing that frustrated or massively confused us. There’s a central puzzle in the room that gives you a nice way of measuring your progress.

All the action takes place in a single room. I usually prefer multi-room games as I love the sense of discovery when you uncover new spaces. However, this game felt a little bit different. It almost felt like it was set in stages, with lighting and sound used to make each phase feel different. It was cleverly done because it made you completely forget you were in a single room.

We really loved Dark Magic. It’s a very well themed room with plenty of hidden surprises and a good use of technology to give it a real magical feeling. It’s the best room I’ve done that takes place in a single space because of the clever transitions and distinct phases in the game. For anybody who loves magical things, this is a must play game.

Disclaimer: I wasn’t charged to play this game.

The team were Beth, Becky and Daniel.


Overall This game brilliantly uses technology to give a realistic magic feeling experience. All the action is set in one room, but clever use of lighting and sound give distinct transitions between phases of the game.
Difficulty Everything is well put together and logical. A few of the puzzles will definitely test beginners.
Fun We love magic themed games, so this one was great fun for us. Anybody who is a fan of Harry Potter will find this a really fun one.
Puzzles The puzzles use technology well to give a realistic magical feeling. There’s a good mix of puzzles that all feel logical and well put together.
Immersion It’s a very nicely themed space with lots of on-theme props that fit the room well.
Surprises This is probably the best single room escape room we’ve played. They’ve done a great job of hiding many surprise elements that make it feel like multiple rooms.