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Review: Witch House in Scottish Highlands - Locked In, Glasgow

Room Story - from Locked In Glasgow

A few relaxing days in the Scottish Highlands turn into a nightmare when you lose your way in the woods and begin to find things you wish you hadn’t …

Suddenly you see a light in the distance! You think you’re saved, but you are wrong… A witch’s house is the last place you’d like to be at night. Is the witch real? Are you going to find your way home? Can you count on your intuition or on your friends??? You have 60 minutes. The clock is ticking … Will you be able to escape…

Key Stats

Room NameWitch House in Scottish Highlands
VenueLocked In Glasgow
LocationGlasgow, UK
Escape Time56:14
Team Size2
My Recommended Team Size2 - 4


Whenever we head somewhere different and escaping isn’t our primary motivation, we still try to fit an escape room in to try somewhere new. As we were visiting Glasgow, we consulted Exit Games for a list of Glasgow games and chose the game we thought sounded the most interestingly themed. We’d never played a witch themed game before, so it’s always nice to try something new.

Locked In Glasgow is situated on the top floor of a city centre office building right next door to Glasgow Central station. It’s in a very convenient location for anybody in the centre. We unwisely decided to take the stairs and headed to the comfortable reception room to start our game.

After a friendly welcome and the standard safety briefing, we headed to the room, received an overview of the story and headed off to the Scottish Highlands. The game begins in a low lit space themed to look like an outdoor campsite somewhere in the Highlands. It’s not a massive space, but they’ve done an excellent job of creating a realistic outside feel with appropriate decoration and props. We also found ourselves outside a creepy looking cottage with a locked door and dirty windows. I always love it in games when you have a really clear and realistic transition between different types of spaces. It makes the game feel so much more immersive.

Looking around the room, there were a few obvious puzzles and locks to get started and we quickly worked out the first few puzzles. We then became stuck on a multi-part puzzle – this puzzle took us the greatest time out of any other puzzle in the room. We overcomplicated the puzzle and fixated on a decoration in the room that took us completely down the wrong path. It took a couple of clues to knock us out of our fixation and take another look at the puzzle. Once we understood it, it seemed obvious. But sometimes certain things just don’t compute.

We followed our troublesome puzzle with a bit of rubbish observation that wasted more time. However, after that we were a lot more focused and started puzzle solving at a much quicker pace! There’s a really nice little sequence with some on theme puzzles that allows you to open the door to the witch’s cottage and begin the next phase of the game.

The cottage is a nicely themed and realistic feeling space with all the witch paraphernalia you’d expect: cauldrons, books, ingredients and a few “body parts” thrown in. As you explore the cottage, you learn more about its occupant with each puzzle unveiling more and more of the story. It’s a very linear sequence in this part of the room, but it lends itself well to revealing more and more about the characters.

All the puzzles in the cottage felt really logical and we instantly understood what we needed to do for each. This led to a really nice sequence of puzzle solving that gave us the repeated satisfaction of figuring something out. A couple of the puzzles used a nice little bit of trickery to get you searching and thinking harder. With very little time remaining, we solved the final few puzzles, got the key and successfully escaped.

We were really pleased with our choice of game. We love games that have a nice story and an immersive feel and this one definitely ticked both of those boxes. They’ve done such a good job to create two distinct spaces that give the game a realistic feel. Topped off with plenty of good on theme puzzles, this was a really great game that we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

The team were Becky and Daniel.


Overall A nicely themed and immersive game with some good, well flowing puzzles.
Difficulty There are a number of puzzles to get through, but it’s a very achievable room.
Fun It’s a fun game with lots to explore and a constant stream of puzzles to keep you entertained. We really enjoyed it.
Puzzles The room was primarily padlock based, but all of the puzzles felt very on theme, flowed well and were satisfying to solve.
Immersion They’ve done a great job of creating two environments in the game that feel realistic. The witch’s cottage in particular is very cool.
Surprises Most of the room is visible when you enter, but there are a couple of strange surprises along the way.