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Review: Elf Training Academy "Christmas Confusion" - Wirral Escape Rooms, Wallsey

Room Story - from Wirral Escape Rooms

Santa has selected you and your fellow elves to take the prestigious "Christmas Confusion" examination. Set in the "Living Room 1.0 simulation" - you have 1 hour to complete the puzzles, find the presents and pass your examination, what grade will you get?!

Key Stats

Room NameElf Training Academy - "Christmas Confusion"
VenueWirral Escape Rooms
LocationWallasey, UK
Escape Time46:00
Team Size3
My Recommended Team Size3 - 4


We had a day of Christmas shopping at Cheshire Oaks before heading for an evening of escaping fun at Wirral Escape Rooms. We’d heard lots of good things about Curse of the Golden Lion, and when we found out they had also opened a Christmas game it was too tempting not to go there. When we arrived, we talked all things escape rooms with Amy whilst we could hear Christmas music coming from the door beside us.

Our mission was to prove ourselves to Santa by passing a test of our elf abilities, solving puzzles to find 5 hidden presents. As you can imagine due to the theme, this is only a pop-up game. However, when we entered the room we were really impressed with the theming and level of detail they’d gone to. It’s themed as a living room complete with tree, fireplace, furniture and even a Christmas scene when you “look out” of the window. Combined with an endless track of Christmas songs, it’s a great room for any lovers of Christmas.

The puzzles are all based around solving codes to unlock various padlocks in the room, but there are lots of creative ways of finding and solving the codes, with many of them heavily Christmas themed. There were puzzles that involved code cracking, searching, mazes, riddles and more. All of them were extremely logical and well thought through, with good flow between them.

There were only a few puzzles that caught us out. One we tried to complete far too early before we had all the information we needed – but it’s there from the beginning and very tempting to try and solve. Another one, we kept trying to use to solve something unrelated. But all became clear in the end! There was a puzzle that involved colours that (embarrassingly) two of us didn’t have a clue about... thankfully one of the team has a degree in Art (but more importantly, a good memory of her primary school education).

There were a couple of puzzles I really loved. I don’t want to give too much away, but one included something hidden away in the room that you didn’t know was there until you found an object that let you interact with it. Another involved something you traditionally only have on your Christmas dinner table and was a very logical place to hide a code!

The thing we loved about this room was how light-hearted it felt, and of course the Christmas theme. It was a game where we felt very relaxed and felt that we could take time to enjoy the puzzles, listen to the music and have fun. It was also pretty good to pass the test with Distinction! For anybody who loves Christmas, this is a must do game that we’d highly recommend. What they’ve achieve for a pop-up room is really impressive.


Overall An amazingly well-done room considering it’s only a pop-up room for Christmas. Great puzzles and packed with Christmassy things, perfect for getting you into the festive spirit. 
Difficulty It’s a very achievable room, most teams won’t have too much difficulty. Everything flows nicely in the game. 
Fun If you like Christmas, it’s a very fun room! If you don’t like Christmas, it's maybe not for you. 
Puzzles The game is packed with puzzles. The majority of the puzzles are based around solving codes for padlocks, which we found good fun. There are also a couple of puzzles with some nice hidden elements. 
Immersion There’s everything you’d expect from a Christmas room: tree, music, presents, stockings, etc. It definitely gets you in the mood for Christmas. 
Surprises There a couple of nice surprises within the game, but it’s a relatively simple space without many hidden elements.