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Review: Operation Odyssey - Can You Escape, Edinburgh

Room Story - from Can You Escape?

As space cadets on the International Space Station you must race against time to ensure you fix the escape pod before it's too late. Houston received your distress call and has concluded that it was a meteor shower that struck the main ship a short time ago. The escape pod has also been damaged so you must first restore all of the systems before attempting an escape.

Cadets, you need to hurry! The next meteor shower is predicted to strike in an hour so there is no room for error!

Key Stats

Room NameOperation Odyssey
VenueCan You Escape?
LocationEdinburgh, UK
Escape Time45:24
Team Size3
My Recommended Team Size3 -5


Due to our growing obsession with escape rooms, we planned a weekend away to Edinburgh to play a few rooms. This was the first room of four. We’d heard very good things about Operation Odyssey and after really enjoying another space themed game (Interstellar at Trapped In, Bury), we knew we’d have to give it a play.

Can You Escape is very centrally located and is only a few streets away from the Royal Mile, so it’s in a great location for visitors to the city. It’s quite a small venue with only 3 rooms (2 are identical and are designed for competing groups) – however it still has toilet facilities, a waiting room, etc.

Before entering the room, we were given a very theatrical and humorous introduction to the room and its storyline. This was really well delivered by the host and sets you up well for the room. You’re essentially on a stricken spaceship and must repair an escape pod before another meteor strike happens in an hour’s time.

The first task of the game is to gain entry to the escape pod. After a few quick puzzles, we entered the main game area in a few minutes. Once you enter the main escape pod, you’re greeted with a really well themed room covered in lots of puzzles. The game has a really interesting mechanic where you’re clearly shown the tasks you need to complete, but it’s up to you to figure out how you complete them. This was really well executed because although the game was non-linear, there were lots of clear indicators to help link the puzzles together. An interesting element of the game is that as you’d expect on a failing spaceship, there are issues with power so you continually need to perform tasks in order to keep the lights on. This was a really nice touch which added to the immersion.

This is a great room for puzzle lovers as there are a real variety in here: some are padlock based, some technology based and a few unique ones I haven’t seen before. Although it wasn’t immediately obvious to us, there was quite a bit of searching to do in the room and we required a few clues prompting us to look harder on a number of occasions. These clues are delivered via a loudspeaker from the ship’s “captain” on the bridge.

We eventually got to a stage where we’d repaired all the escape pod’s vital functions and successfully escape our stricken pod, however, there was a frantic and silly ending to the game that had us running around at speed and completing an odd, yet rather fun task. It was an odd ending, but it was very funny.

Operation Odyssey is a really great game, they’ve done a great job of creating an immersive and fun game that flows extremely well. There were lots of fun puzzles and some really nice touches to add to the immersion of the experience. This is a game we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend – and we especially loved getting a keyring with our photo on at the end of the game.

The team were Beth, Daniel and Becky.


Overall An immersive and extremely fun game with a good variety of puzzles, broken neatly into different tasks that can be worked on simultaneously.
Difficulty There are quite a number of puzzles to get through that require you to think in different ways. But it’s a perfectly achievable and logical game.
Fun There’s some theatre beforehand, a good immersive set and some silly moments that help to make the game quite humorous.
Puzzles This game has a good use of technology to create a blend of different puzzles. The puzzles are laid out in a logical way and separated well into clearly defined goals.
Immersion They’ve done a great job with the theming of this game and a few theatrics before you enter the room. It helps to build a really immersive game.
Surprises There’s a great surprise moment at the end of the game that became quite frantic and a few nice surprises throughout the game.