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Review: Mr Chuckles Funhouse - Escape Quest, Macclesfield

Room Story - from Escape Quest

Would you like to play a game? Mr Chuckles has got one that he's made especially for you! It's no ordinary game, Mr Chuckles doesn't like ordinary games, his are designed to trick, test, challenge and divide you.

Once you enter his creepy funhouse you must work as a team to outsmart Mr Chuckles’ tricky puzzles. However teamwork will only take you so far in the game before it’s every player for themselves!

show more.... You each need one ticket to escape, so if you find one hold on to it tight or get out quick stopping the clock and sabotaging your team mates chances of finding their own ticket, the choice is yours.

Will you help the other players find their tickets as the last remaining minutes count down? The time ends as soon as the first golden ticket holder exits the game, so you need to decide what’s more important - A fast time or for every member of your team to win the game?

For teams unlucky enough to still be inside without a ticket or too slow to get out as the final seconds tick by, Mr Chuckles has one last surprise up his sleeve. He needs to clear the funhouse ready for his next players and the fastest way to do it is to flush the place out with an acid shower.

Death comes quickly to those that are left behind! less

Key Stats

Room NameMr Chuckles Funhouse
VenueEscape Quest
LocationMacclesfield, UK
Escape Time51:30
Team Size3
My Recommended Team Size3 - 5


We visited Escape Quest for the first time in March 2018 to play Curious Encounters. We really loved everything about the game and enjoyed chatting with the owners about their other rooms and escape room experiences. My two team mates don’t like anything slightly scary and we knew that Mr Chuckles Funhouse started life as a scary room called Bad Clown. However, they were assured by the owner that Mr Chuckles Funhouse was now only marginally creepy and they decided to give the room a go.

Before we entered the room, a unique little twist in this game was explained to us. During the course of the game you need to find golden tickets in order to escape - every member of the team must have a golden ticket. However, if a member of the team finds a golden ticket early, they have the opportunity to exit the game and sabotage their team mates, leaving them to suffer at the hands of Mr Chuckles. I had complete confidence in my team mates, but they both looked slightly nervously at me…

The introduction to the game is fantastic, you stand in an eerily lit part of the room listening to the maniacal ranting and giggling of Mr Chuckles. It’s a creepy introduction that leaves you with a sense of unease – particularly as you start to glance around and spot several padlocked doors and many clown faces staring at you in different guises. If you’re scared of clowns, this isn’t a room for you.

With the threat of being dissolved by a cloud of acid on the 60 minute mark hanging over our head, we got started on the obvious puzzles around us. There’s some great theming in the first part of the room that makes you feel like you’re at the entrance to a circus – or waking up in some strange clown based nightmare depending on your perspective. The first puzzles to get going require observation and logic to solve, allowing you to progress onwards in the game.

The next part of the room felt like an arcade with lots of interesting things to play with and explore. Not all of it was relevant to the game and it would be easy to get distracted and caught up interacting with all the fun parts of the room. We solved a few puzzles in this room that again relied on observation, logic and some skill in order to progress.

There is a lot to do in this room and we knew we’d need to split up to complete the room in time. My team mates were in the zone and deeply focused on a few puzzles, so I wandered off to explore further and solve a few things on my own. Where I ventured got progressively darker, creepier and stranger where I found a few very odd objects. I felt a sense of unease and shouted to my teammates about my strange discoveries – mostly to share progress, but a little bit to reassure myself I wasn’t on my own!

I solved a few puzzles on my own, which ultimately brought us all back together to combine the things we’d been working on and allow us to progress to the final part of the room. At this point we were starting to get nervous about time as the final part of the room had a key central puzzle that clearly showed you how much progress you were making. This puzzle required a series of repeating actions involving observation and some basic maths in order to complete each stage. Once we got going and realised what we needed to do, we quickly progressed through the puzzle and made our escape, having taken only a couple of clues (these were delivered via a screen). A special mention has to be made for the way Escape Quest host their games. They only host one game at a time so they are fully focused on your game, only giving you hints when you truly need them and always perfectly timed and with the right level of “riddle”.

You’ll notice I didn’t make any further mention of the golden tickets. I can tell you we each found a ticket and we also had the opportunity to sabotage each other – but nobody took it. I haven’t mentioned these above as I don’t want to inadvertently give away their location in the game.

Mr Chuckles Funhouse is a truly excellent game. It’s just really good fun, weirdly different and the right level of challenge. We left the room on a real high, pleased that we hadn’t succumbed to Mr Chuckles’ challenges and avoided an unpleasant fate.

The team were Beth, Daniel and Becky.


Overall It’s a strange and creepy room filled with lots of fun puzzles and really immersive theming.
Difficulty We found this one relatively straightforward, it all flows really logically. But there are quite a few puzzles to get through.
Fun It’s imaginative and fun in many different ways, we really enjoyed it.
Puzzles The variety of puzzles in this room are excellent. All puzzles leave you certain you’ve got the right answer and flow extremely logically.
Immersion You can’t help but feel a little bit nervous in the creepy surroundings. They’ve done a great job of creating a very atmospheric game.
Surprises There are a number of different areas to explore in the game, each offering a slightly different experience. There aren’t any big shocking surprises – but to be honest, we were thankful that we didn’t meet Mr Chuckles.