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Review: Reactorvate - Escapologic, Leicester

Room Story - from Escapologic

Your Great Uncle was once a leading scientist known for developing state of the art nuclear technology. In central Europe, during the late 1970’s, one of his experimental reactors went into meltdown as soon as it was activated, causing one of the most catastrophic disasters in modern history.

show more.... The government blamed him for the event, stating that his reactors were not safe to begin with, he was imprisoned for life and remains locked up to this day. After receiving a letter from prison you have reason to believe he was framed by a fellow scientist and that the original reactor was tampered with.

Your only option is to break into an abandoned power plant located in rural Russia, find a second inactive reactor and start it up. If it is fully functional then you may just have the evidence to free an innocent man. If your Great Uncle is lying, then you may need to run for your life! less

Key Stats

Room NameReactorvate
LocationLeicester, UK
Escape Time48:00
Team Size3
My Recommended Team Size3 - 5


Having completed all of the games at Escapologic Nottingham, we were really excited when we heard that Escapologic were opening another site in Leicester. We decided to book our first ever back to back games and take on two of the three rooms. When we got there, we were having such a good time we played the third as well!

Escapologic Leicester is located central Leicester through a side entrance of a very grand looking building. When you enter through the door, there’s a quirky fireplace scene that you walk past as you head towards the reception and waiting area. It’s a really impressive venue, making an immediately positive impression.

We were taken to our room and given the standard safety briefing alongside the storyline of a room in Escapologic’s usual humorous style. Our mission was to break into the power station, activate the nuclear reactor and gather evidence that our great uncle wasn’t responsible for a catastrophic nuclear meltdown. Sounds simple enough.

Upon entering the room, you find yourself in a nuclear power station control room filled with 100s of buttons and switches and levers. When we enter most escape rooms, we usually spot something that we know that we must immediately solve. In this room, we had no idea where to start. So we did what anybody would do – we started randomly pressing buttons and flicking switches until our aim became clear. We didn’t feel sure of our actions at all until we successfully unlocked the next part of the room.

The next part of the room begins in total darkness and one of the first challenges is finding the light. There’s a mechanism that helps you do this and it took us a while to figure this out. We were given some clues to help, but these are delivered over an echoey loudspeaker in a heavy Russian accent so we really struggled to tell what the clues were saying. My team mates were better than me, I couldn’t make out a single one of the clues throughout the entire game!

Once you’ve managed to turn the lights on, you find that you’re in a nuclear power station with all manner of cables, tubes, fuel rods and a reactor. This is where the game started to feel less like an escape room and more like a nuclear reactor simulator! There are a series of steps you follow to make sure various things around the room are activated and connected as they should be to allow you to power on the nuclear reactor. All of these steps lead to a grand finale with an impressive piece of technology that requires team work to operate. This was such good fun and one of the most impressive physical puzzles I’ve seen in an escape room. I can’t say much without giving it away, but your actions lead to a series of cinematic events with special effects that cause both panic and confusion.

After a few minutes running around in panic, we finished the final few steps to complete the activation process and collect the evidence to exonerate our great uncle!

This was such an impressive game, the scale of the immersion in this room is unparalleled. A lot of work has gone into producing this game and it really offers an almost simulator style experience. However, it’s not all style over substance, there are lots of puzzles to solve and really exciting moments. The only thing I’d improve is the clue system, the Russian accent was just too strong!

The team were Beth, Daniel and Becky.


Overall This isn’t an escape room – it’s a nuclear reactor simulator! A really great fun room with lots of dramatic moments.
Difficulty There’s a lot going on in this room, so it’s definitely not a straightforward one.
Fun We had a lot of fun in this room. Varied puzzles, drama, immersion – it has it all.
Puzzles There are some excellent puzzles in this room, all very physical in nature with a great variety.
Immersion This room was scarily realistic – you genuinely felt like you were in a Russian nuclear power station.
Surprises There were lots of surprises in this game. I won’t ruin any of them.