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Review: Chronos - Escapologic, Leicester

Room Story - from Escapologic

A version of the normally dormant Chronos virus has mutated, becoming deadly, resulting in the death of any living thing it comes into contact with. This pandemic has decimated the human populace and plunged modern society into chaos. After several failed attempts at finding a cure it is now time to activate the last resort.

show more.... The Powers That Govern, a mysterious secret society, have enlisted you to pilot a machine developed from the collective research of some of the most brilliant minds in history; Da Vinci, Tesla and Einstein. This machine is the final contingency, it will shift you through the voids of space and time… Your destination, Victorian London.

It is here that you will find patient zero, the only known fatality caused by Chronos up until it’s mutation in the present day. The research from this rare case was once lost to time but now you have the power to get it back and find a cure. Change the past, fix the present and give human…
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Review: Reactorvate - Escapologic, Leicester

Room Story - from Escapologic

Your Great Uncle was once a leading scientist known for developing state of the art nuclear technology. In central Europe, during the late 1970’s, one of his experimental reactors went into meltdown as soon as it was activated, causing one of the most catastrophic disasters in modern history.

show more.... The government blamed him for the event, stating that his reactors were not safe to begin with, he was imprisoned for life and remains locked up to this day. After receiving a letter from prison you have reason to believe he was framed by a fellow scientist and that the original reactor was tampered with.

Your only option is to break into an abandoned power plant located in rural Russia, find a second inactive reactor and start it up. If it is fully functional then you may just have the evidence to free an innocent man. If your Great Uncle is lying, then you may need to run for your life! less

Key Stats

Room NameReactorvateVenueEscapologicLocatio…

Review: Egyptian - Escape Room Centre, Blackpool

Room Story - from Escape Room Centre

Thousands of years ago there ruled the Pharaoh Horus, named after the great falcon god. He prided himself on his intelligence and wit and spent much of his time studying puzzles and mysteries. With no children to inherit his kingdom he spent years building the Pyramid of Mysteries. Built to find a worthy successor of his kingdom.

Following its completion Horus lay down the challenge that whoever could escape the pyramid, within an hour, would inherit the whole of Egypt. Many tried, but all failed, every one of them becoming entombed forever!

His kingdom has long since gone but the Pyramid of Mysteries remains. Are you brave enough to take on the Pharaoh's challenge?

Key Stats

Room NameEgyptianVenueEscape Room CentreLocationBlackpool, UKDate01/04/2018Escape Time50:11Team Size3My Recommended Team Size3 - 5

This was our first visit to Escape Room Centre in Blackpool. It’s conveniently located right in the centre of the town and very easy t…

Review: Volatile Laboratories - EXIT Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne

Room Story - from EXIT Newcastle

You’re trapped and infected in a top secret laboratory. Will you be able to find the antidote, and EXIT?

Key Stats

Room NameVolatile LaboratoriesVenueExit NewcastleLocationNewcastle, UKDate29/03/2018Escape Time42:10Team Size2My Recommended Team Size2 - 4

We’d booked a night away in Newcastle, so I thought it would be fun to play an escape room whilst there. We usually select games based on the reviews of other enthusiasts, but strangely, we couldn’t find anything for any of the games in Newcastle. We decided to play Voltatile Laboratories at EXIT Newcastle as it sounded like a fun game. We saw a video on their website with a trailer for the room that gave us a little sneak peak on what was in store.

EXIT Newcastle is based right in the heart of Newcastle city centre, near the o2 Academy. It’s got a big sign above the door so it’s not hard to miss. We were invited upstairs to the waiting area which had a “mansion” library feel to it with it’s desk…

Review: Curious Encounters - Escape Quest, Macclesfield

Room Story - from Escape Quest

Mr Copplestone aka “The Professor” is an inventor. His greatest invention is the world’s first time machine, built so he could travel through space and time to find interesting objects and life saving potions to sell in his curiosity shoppe.

Trials of the time machine have been taking place for many years and thanks to the brave testers, some who were unfortunately lost along the way, Mr Copplestone has a fully working and reliable time machine. Until…

Today something went wrong!

show more.... Mr Copplestone stepped into the time machine and set it to his required destination, all seemed to be working as usual. He pulled the switch to activate it and with a loud bang and a puff of smoke he was gone. The time machine’s vital equipment exploded and scattered into pieces around the shoppe.

As a failsafe measure Mr Copplestone had set an emergency portal to open in the future, which would allow rescuers to enter through it and into his Shoppe. The portal …